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Gambling has been a huge and very popular activity for quite some time. You have everything from dice-rolling to card-playing which happened in 100AD to the modern tech that a lot of online casinos know today. If you want to find out how gambling has changed over the years, then this guide will help you to know everything you need to know.

The First Person who Made a Profit

Back in the 1790s, it was Harry Ogden who actually became the very first person to make a profit from bookmaking. He studied the field, and this meant that he would lay odds on each horse, rather than having the win/loss result. As time progressed, every type of gambling then became limited to the racetrack alone because a law came out and this meant that cards could not be played when money was at stake. It was in light all of this that brick and mortar stores opened.


Legalised Betting

In the year 1961, the very first betting shops came onto the market. Within 6 months of this, things then changed. 10,000 shops had opened. Betting stores had paved the way for gambling as a mainstream service. The 1980s meant that tech shifted, and this allowed races to be shown in-store as well as having fruit machines. At this point, you also had fixed-odds and you also had betting terminals. If you want to find out more about odds and how things are functioning right now then check out sites such as Comeon odds and many others.

Online Betting

When you look at the 1990s, you will soon see that the popularity of the internet was certainly in full and companies such as Betfair opened up their services and welcomed online bingo. Bookmakers do provide a lot of different features that gambling at home cannot, and this includes the social aspect. That being said, there is no denying that the gambling industry has boomed and it has gone from strength to strength every single year.

Mobile Apps and Gambling

Of course, when you look at mobile phones and even internet usage, you will soon see that it has changed the way that we gamble. Mobile devices are responsible for tons of bets every single year and in 2018 mobile users accounted for over 40% of the gambling market. Most people are choosing to gamble using their devices over going to the bookies as well.


Technology has influenced gambling in so many ways. It has led customers to expect a high level of convenience from their everyday company and betting shops have had to step things up quite a lot as well. In order for people to meet this demand, betting kiosks are now being put into betting service locations and this means that people can take advantage of a digital solution and this is making waves in the industry in general. Who knows what the future holds, but right now, it’s looking bright for the betting industry.